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Sigma Flexi Series

Sigma Flexi Series

Speed, versatility, accuracy in only one solution from Sigma Italy.

Sigma Flexi Models 5S, 5M & 5L

X axis travels 1250mm, 1600mm, 2100mm

Y & Z axis travels 800mm & 950mm

Monolithic cast iron bed which ensures stability and rigidity, designed for the sliding of both the movable table (X- axis)

and the headstock (Y-axis). The spindle holder group (Z-axis) is made of a rigid structure

which slides on the headstock slideways.

Wide machining capacity is ensured by the Z-axis traverse of 950 mm and by the maximum table loading up to 2,500 kg.

Sliding of axes on roller recirculation slideways.

Axis movement through leadscrews having double large-sized ball recirculation, combined to motors and digital servo drives.

Motorspindles driven by brushless motors assuring up to 33 kW power, up to 180 Nm torque and several spindle speeds:

12,000 rpm with SK 40/HSK-A-63/BT40 tapers, 18,000 and 24,000 rpm with HSK-A-63 taper.

Automatic compensation of thermal variations of the spindle and linear axes.

Continuous tilting milling head (B-axis) with a stroke of ±110° operated through high performance torque motor

Built-in rotary table (C-axis) with a diameter of 660 mm, integrated into the worktable.

Wide working volume: vault having a 840 mm diameter and a height from the table surface of 1175 mm.

Chain tool magazines with a capacity of 40 places in standard configuration, expandable to 50-64 places

(in the optional version the spindle tapers SK40/HSK-A-63)

SIGMA Tool Check for the management and tool recall operations and for the instruction operation of the tool magazine.

Dynamic adjustment during the milling in order to optimise the dynamic behaviour of the machine.

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